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Singular Motorsports hood louvers for NB

Singular Motorsports hood louvers for NB

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29-40020 1999-05



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Looking for maximum airflow through your hood? These Singular louvers (or hood vents) were designed specifically for the Miata. They'll increase the airflow through your radiator as well as add front downforce - it's all good.

The louvers do require you to cut into your hood, of course. But there's a good reason for that. To make installation as easy as possible, they come with clear instructions and a stick-on vinyl template to ensure you position them at the lowest pressure areas. These locations were determined by actual testing for the best airflow, and Singular reports a 50% drop in underhood pressure. There are even integral Gurney flaps ahead of the louvers to add to the efficiency.

Installing the louvers under the skin of the hood takes a bit longer, but makes for a very clean look. The kit even includes rubber trim for the opening. You can also rivet them in from above, which is considerably quicker.

Black anodizing. Be aware that these can turn bronze with enough time and heat. 

Customer Reviews

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One of the best mods I've made - go for it!

I had been on the fence for a long time, but after seeing Keith's video on Hood Vent Tech I decided to pull the trigger. I'm so glad I did this! I took my time and got it done in about nine hours. The first thing I noticed during the test drive was less heat in the foot wells. Then I noticed it seems the cooling fans are running for less time when they cycle. When I was finally able to make a high speed run the hood didn't flutter the way it used to and the front end feels more stable. I did spring for black oxide coated stainless steel button head screws instead of the rivets - I think they look better with the Ti/Black theme. I also gently bent each louver section to match the hood contour before installing to prevent distortion, as the louvers are stiffer than the hood in some spots. I did need to trim the underside of the first two louvers in the center section to clear the intake on my V8, but it does (just) fit with the LS7 intake.