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Shock spacer

Shock spacer

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We designed these little guys to let you raise your car by approximately 3/8" easily. You just remove your spring/shock assembly, slip this spacer over the studs on the upper mount and re-install. Perfect for cars with tired springs or lowering springs that are just too low for your taste. Stainless steel construction.

Not compatible with the short studs on stock 1990-93 mounts. If you change the mount to one from a later car - a 1994-97 part is a direct replacement, or you can use our replacement mounts - they'll work. Not compatible for cars with shock tower braces, factory or aftermarket. Price is for one spacer and one is required for each corner that you want to raise.

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Robert i.L.
Very useful in setting up ride height

There are three elements in setting up a coil over correctly. The first is the amount of preload. This is set by adjusting spring perch height. The second is the free travel or gap between the top of the shock and the bumpstop. This is affected by preload. There are three ways to adjust this. 1) Change the preload. 2) Change the length of the bumpstop. Or 3) Use a shim or 'packer' to reduce the gap. The last element is ride height. When pre-load and bumpstop gap are where you want them to be and ride height is too low you need a shim between the coil over and the chassis. This is that shim.