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ND Hard Dog RF roll bar

ND Hard Dog RF roll bar

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The RF is a sexy little car, but its retractable top isn't structural. Because of this, many track organizations won't let them on track without some sort of supplemental protection. We're happy to announce that this is now available exclusively from Flyin' Miata! This bar meets NASA HPDE and SCCA Solo and Time Trials requirements when equipped with double diagonals.

We worked with our friends at Hard Dog to give you as much overhead protection as possible. We started with the soft top bar and changed the dimensions to fit inside the tighter confines of the RF roof. The end result has no effect on rear vision, seat travel or headroom.

Now, let's get this out of the way: with this bar installed, you can no longer drop the top. Your retractable fastback is now a non-retractable fastback - or maybe it's a coupe with an odd hatch. If you're a fan of the Miata as a coupe as some of our staff are, this isn't a problem. But you need to know.


Mazda built nice solid mounting points into the car for the factory aluminum hoops. This bar uses them to tie into the chassis, then adds two rear legs for extra strength. The bar is made of 1.75" DOM tubing with a 0.120" wall, almost overkill for such a light car. The new rear legs come with 3/16" backing plates that require six holes to be drilled in the chassis.

Includes a harness bar and retains full function of the stock seatbelts. The double diagonals are spread at the top to provide maximum visibility out the back and stay well clear of the storage compartment behind the passenger seat.

Will be drop-shipped from the manufacturer. Depending on inventory levels, it may take a couple of weeks to ship. Since they're drop-shipped, the tracking number process isn't automated and could be delayed. Available to ship to the US only.