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Rear view camera for 2016-2018 Miatas

Rear view camera for 2016-2018 Miatas

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Give your ND an integrated rear view camera! These are especially useful on RFs, but we like them on all our cars. This is a full factory-style integration without the weird little bumper pimple that the 2019 cars got. Shift into reverse, and the screen on your dash changes to the camera view including side traffic alerts. Head forward and you're back to normal.

The distance indicators on the screen are more useful than some of the other aftermarket cameras out there. They range from 8" to 28" from the bumper, making it easy to back in perfectly. However, the vertical lines on the display are not quite as wide as the car actually is due to the low viewing position of the camera, so take extra care when backing into tight spaces.

This kit is fully compatible with Miatas equipped with Apple CarPlay. Not compatible with Sport models that do not have a screen for obvious reasons. Easy installation, it's plug and play other than one new hole you need to drill above the license plate. The kit even includes the right size hole saw.

Camera features:

170° viewing angle 720 x 480 HD resolution 30 fps framerate night vision functionality

Camera and wiring harness. Similar to Mazda part ND0-301197A.

Installation Video:




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Customer Reviews

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Kelly G.
Excellent Camera

This really is a great camera and it works perfectly with the factory infotainment head unit. The picture quality is very good and the video displays on the screen instantly when I put the car in reverse, even if it the system is booting up. As others have mentioned, the lines on the overlay do not match the width of the car, but I just bought it for rear visibility when backing with the top up and it suits the need perfectly. The camera mounts securely and stays in place, held in place by clips on the mount and strong adhesive tape. Wait until the very end to install the tape. The installation instructions and video provided by FM are excellent and tell you everything you need to know to install it. I definitely recommend this.

Donald L.
Exactly what’s needed

I put the camera into a 2017 RF. Installation wasn’t easy but was exactly as the demo video had shown it. Camera works great

EZ install, but need little revising

The camera working well, Love it. The double tape comes with the camera is really weak to hold the camera in the right position. If u looking to fix it just AB glue it on.

Chris R.
Mount is not great and lines on screen don't line up with car.

Others have talked about the mounting solution. Best tip I can give you as a start is DO NOT put the adhesive tape on the car before you drill, as the drilling process will mangle the tape a bit. Especially if you have to try to drill more than once (which I did). I'm planning to replace with some weatherproof glue. Just haven't gotten that far yet.

The second issue is that the lines they show you as guides on the screen are NOT in line with your wheels, and not adjustable. This means you have to be certain that ANYONE who drives the car knows they need to not rely on the screen entirely, as you can with many other cars. Where I put my camera, the lines are basically on the inside of my wheels, a good 10" or so from the edge of the car... so if I relied on those, I would be hitting a LOT of things.

I would love an improvement to be able to adjust those in software if possible.

Otherwise, the camera works and the install was -relatively- easy. The usual challenges as you would expect with anything like this.

Mike A.
Took me awhile to install, result works great

2017 RF. Took me 4+ hours, but I've never done anything like this before. Hardest part was threading the wire behind the seat and into the trunk. Used a coat hanger and kept trying until I got lucky.

The video was extremely helpful.

Camera works great! As others have mentioned, you have surprisingly poor visibility rearward without the camera.

I might have a battery drain issue which started after installation. Don't know if it's actually an issue or if it's related to the camera.