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Polyurethane exhaust hanger (NB, NC, and ND chassis, extended length)

Polyurethane exhaust hanger (NB, NC, and ND chassis, extended length)

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Is your exhaust droopy? Do you have clanks and clunks under your car? The exhaust on your Miata is held up by 4-5 rubber hangers - and they're probably as old as your Miata. Make your exhaust all perky again with these polyurethane hangers. They're stiffer than the originals, so your exhaust will stay in place no matter how hard you drive. Great for cars with big exhausts and tight clearances. We think a lot of butterfly braces would fit better with a few of these.

This extended length one is approximately 1" longer than the original design (so 60mm / 2.36" center to center). It works well to install a non-Mazdaspeed FM exhaust on a Mazdaspeed Miata.

Sold individually. Suitable for NB, NC, and ND. 4 needed on NB models, 5 for NC and ND. Be sure to check this hanger's length vs. your current hangers - it's possible that the longer length will let the exhaust run into other parts, that's up to you to check. 12mm holes.