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NA-NB Polyurethane differential bushings

NA-NB Polyurethane differential bushings

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The differential is mounted in the car with some surprisingly flexible rubber bushings. Replacing these with stiffer SuperPro polyurethane bushings will cut down on differential movement, which actually makes your shifting more precise due to the way the Miata's drivetrain is mounted. There's a noticeable increase in vibration, so be prepared for that. For street cars, the poly inserts or Mazda Competition rubber mounts are probably a better idea. A definite plus for competition cars - you don't want to hit 5th instead of 3rd in the heat of competition!

Bushings fit 1990-2005 only.

Customer Reviews

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Cole J.
Great NVH balance

Energy that is not lost to flexing the differential on its mounts, is more energy to the ground, and with low horsepower cars, it becomes critical. These fit perfect in the factory mounts, and great deviation in color from traditional black or red. I am unsure what durometer they chose, but it seems to strike a delicate between flex and NVH into the chassis.

Worth the effort to install it.

If you’ve ever tried to do a launch and the only thing that moved was your shifter, you need this. On a 28 year old car, the difference is night and day when it comes to the firmness of the entire vehicle. The acceleration becomes smooth and the whee hop is reduced to almost none.