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Plug-in four-wire rear oxygen sensor for 2001-05

Plug-in four-wire rear oxygen sensor for 2001-05

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06-99050 2001-05


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Our replacement O2 sensor is different than most aftermarket ones because it has a Mazda connector on the end. This means a super-easy installation, just unplug your old one and plug the new one in. Just like installing a factory sensor but without the price tag or the hassle of splicing in a generic aftermarket part.

Plug-in replacement for 2001-05 (including MSM) rear sensor.

Customer Reviews

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Didn’t work out of the box

I bought this a couple months back and now that II finally have the motor put back together, it’s not registering any signal. Will try to return, but looks like I’m out of the 30 day return window. Disappointing to run into another snag on this rebuild..

This is extremely unusual, so we're digging into it with TJ. We'll do our best to figure it out, but since it's an extended conversation we didn't want to keep their review unpublished for too long.

Brian B.

The oem units are $500+.

This is a world better than a parts store unit with a spliced oem connector (what I had before ).

Buy this and save yourself time and effort