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Complete high performance rubber bushing set for NA and NB

Complete high performance rubber bushing set for NA and NB

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Designed by IL Motorsports in Germany, this bushing set is just like the factory set but with rubber that's about 30-40% stiffer. Mazda Competition makes a set like this but it's very expensive. The magic of the IL Motorsports parts is that they're actually affordable.

Why rubber? Some people prefer it because it's easier to deal with over the long term. There's no need to ever regrease them and there's no chance they'll squeak. It's what Mazda used in the first place. A great choice for a street car - actually, we prefer them for any car that sees street use. They also look stock so you can pass tech inspection in a stock class. Not that you'd do that.

The suspension will keep the same feel as stock, right down to the variable durometers used in different locations and the addition of a "bushing spring" to your spring rate. The stiffer rubber will decrease the amount of deflection in your suspension, giving more precision than stock parts. They are a bit more difficult to install than poly, as they will have to be pressed in.

A complete set for all eight control arms and the rear uprights. Fits 1990-05 models.

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