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Padding and wrap for Hard Dog roll bars

Padding and wrap for Hard Dog roll bars

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Custom-formed SFI padding to protect your head with a custom-fit vinyl or leather cover. The cover not only looks good, it protects the padding from UV damage. Highly recommended for a street car. Normal sticks of SFI padding often don't fit between the roll bar and the top on the Miata due to the tight constraints of the packaging.

Black, regardless of material. Velcro attachment so you can easily remove it, but it won't come off accidentally.

Sport bars use 1.5". The Sport Fat Boy and Hard Core bars should use the 1.75" version.

For NA and NB roll bars only. Free shipping when ordered with a roll bar. Since they're drop-shipped, the tracking number process isn't automated and could be delayed.

If you would like one shipped outside the US, please contact Hard Dog Fabrication directly.