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Paco Motorsports Hub Stand Kit v5.1

Paco Motorsports Hub Stand Kit v5.1

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Fits: Universal

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What are hub stands? They bolt on to your hubs in place of your wheels so you have full access to the suspension while the car is on the ground. They also sit on steel balls so they can move around and take any preload out of the suspension. This makes it easy to corner-weight the car and tighten up suspension bolts.

But wait, there's more! The stands are also designed to make it easy to align the car yourself. Toe and camber are dead simple, while caster and even thrust angle are straightforward. You can turn the adjusters and watch the settings change. You will need a pair of tape measures and some way to measure camber - either a smartphone or our digital gauge.

That's right, you'll never pay for an alignment again. We use these at the FM shop all the time, even if it's just to set the bushings after a suspension install.

Fits the following:

ALL MIATAS ...and.... all 4 bolt patterns ranging from 4 x 95.25 to 4 x 114.3 (that's 4 x 3.75" to 4 x 4.5") on cars using 12mm studs. all 5 bolt patterns ranging from 5 x 100 to 5 x 130mm on cars using 12mm studs maximum hub diameter of 72.5 mm cars up to 4000 lbs.

Sold as a complete set of four including thrust alignment cables. If your garage floor is cracked - or perfect and you don't want to risk any potential lines in your epoxy from the steel balls - be sure to pick up a set of floor plates. 

Since these are kinda big and bulky, they can be... annoying... to store. Check out Paco Motorsport's hanger kit (above) to get them up and out of the way! 

Customer Reviews

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Craig H.
So Much Better than Rotating Plates & Wood Stands and strings.

Love these things!

Originally, I bought rotating plates and built wood stands because I wanted to get my car set up and learn how to do my own suspension (I was new to dialing in a race suspension). While the rotating plates and toe plates method works OK, the Paco Hub Stands is a way better method. The fact that it has the spring-loaded toe alignment is just icing on the cake. Much easier to dial everything in.

Note that your camber may read more negative on the stands than when you get back on tires. And the drop is different front to back (0.7 front drop / 1.0 back drop). I dialed in the fronts as much as I could (2.9 max camber on stands became 2.2 back on the tires for a 0.7 drop). The rear had a 1.0 drop. So I had to put everything back on stands and set the rear camber to be -0.3 more than the fronts to get the right drop when on tires. This is pretty straightforward.

I also wish I would have purchased the plates. I thought my garage floor was good concrete, but when setting the caster and rotating the wheel, it created small ruts in the floor, so it wasn't very though concrete. I'll buy plates for next time which will make dialing in a much smoother experience.

The other nice thing is that the tires are off using this method. That means you don't need to climb under the car. You can reach the cam bolts by reaching around the brake disk.

They are a bit pricey, but glad I have them. Wish I would have purchased these first.