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Paco Motorsports hub stands (version 5)

Paco Motorsports hub stands (version 5)

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New and improved! No, really, they are. Paco has taken a ground-up look at their hub stands and redesigned them. They're now more compact, easier to use and less expensive. That's a win all around.

What are hub stands? They bolt on to your hubs in place of your wheels so you have full access to the suspension while the car is on the ground. They also sit on steel balls so they can move around and take any preload out of the suspension. This makes it easy to cornerweight the car and tighten up suspension bolts.

But wait, there's more! The stands are also designed to make it easy to align the car yourself. Toe and camber are dead simple, while caster and even thrust angle are straightforward. You can turn the adjusters and watch the settings change. You will need a pair of tape measures and some way to measure camber - either a smartphone or our digital gauge.

That's right, you'll never pay for an alignment again. We use these at the FM shop all the time, even if it's just to set the bushings after a suspension install.

Fits the following:

ALL MIATAS ...and.... all 4 bolt patterns ranging from 4 x 95.25 to 4 x 114.3 (that's 4 x 3.75" to 4 x 4.5") on cars using 12mm studs. all 5 bolt patterns ranging from 5 x 100 to 5 x 130mm on cars using 12mm studs maximum hub diameter of 72.5 mm cars up to 4000 lbs

Sold as a complete set of four including thrust alignment cables.

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