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One-piece dual gauge pod for 1999-02

One-piece dual gauge pod for 1999-02

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Most of our gauge pods slip over top of the stock trim. They're held in place with fasteners and there's a visible seam between the stock part and the pod. Not with these - this is a full replacement for the stock interior trim and uses factory fasteners (at the top). Note that two holes need to be drilled (screws and aesthetic caps included) to hold it in place. It looks as if the factory intended the gauges to be there.

Holds two 2 1/16" gauges - also known as 2". Fits 1999-02 cars. The pillar trim changed shape in 2003.


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21-16570 1999-02

Customer Reviews

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More than a little different than factory trim

The texture and glossiness are nothing like any factory trim. Not sure what they mean by 'uses factory fasteners' as the factory trim doesn't use any 'fasteners'. This piece requires drilling two screws into your A pillar, unlike the factory trim. I had to file the gauge opening to fit my 2 1/16 gauge.

While we wouldn't say that the texture and glossiness are completely different than stock, it's certainly true that they don't match. Since this completely replaces one side of your windshield trim, it's really only obvious at the top, where this piece mates with the stock piece. This piece does reuse the stock fastener (metal clip) at the top, and it includes the new hardware for the drilled holes. As for the gauge opening, while this is the first time we've heard that filing was required, it's supposed to be a tight fit, so it's completely plausible that the tolerance stackup between the gauge and the pod required a bit of trimming.

Does not use factory fasteners

And the screw that came with it were too short. You will need to purchase 8 x 1.5 inches metal screws.