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M10x1 inverted flare to NPT adapter

M10x1 inverted flare to NPT adapter

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A lot of aftermarket brake parts - such as Wilwood proportioning valves - come with NPT threads. They may come with easy-to-find NPT to SAE flare adapters - but the Miata uses metric flares. NPT to metric adapters are impossible to find so we've had these specially made. These allow you to install the Wilwood valve in your Miata without having to reflare the lines, making installation quick and easy.

Whenever these are needed to install one of our products, they are included. We simply list them separately because they're almost impossible to find, and you might have some interesting custom work going on. Popular with non-Miata installs, such as Datsun Z cars, Hondas and Toyotas. Note that we cannot confirm fitment in non-Miata applications, and we have had reports that some other brands have an unthreaded "nose" on the end of the flare nut that will prevent proper engagement with the threads on this part.

The fittings are made of brass. The soft material deforms slightly on installation, giving a better seal on the flare and the pipe threads than a harder material like steel. The current version has a thicker wall thickness than before for increased strength, although care should be taken to avoid over-torquing upon installation. Included in our complete adjustable brake proportioning kit, but they can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Adapters have an M10x1.0 inverted flare female fitting and 1/8 NPT (1/8-27) male on the other.


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Customer Reviews

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Cason V.
You NEED these to install Proportioning Valve

Interestingly, I purchased my proportioning valve from FM and it came with 2 of these fittings already. It seemed that the female thread (M10) for the inverted flare of the Miata brake lines was barely there.... ie: they looked more like score marks than threads. Nevertheless, the brake lines fit. I must have tightened them too much, as one of the fittings broke as soon as I mounted the PV to the bracket by the Master Cylinder. So, I ordered 2 more of these fittings from FM. These came quickly, and the female thread looked much better. I'm happy with the replacement fittings, but wonder if the ones that came with the PV kit were defective.....

Cason, if you still have pictures of the original fittings, please reach out to our customer support team, we want to make sure you're taken care of.

If you purchase our complete proportioning valve kit you don't need to purchase these fittings separately, as they're already included. Note that the kit also includes SAE fittings, which will NOT fit the Miata's brake lines.

These fittings are brass to ensure a good seal (steel fittings won't deform appropriately and could leak). This means that they're not overly strong, so it's important that they're tightened carefully. We strongly suggest supporting the adapter with a line wrench while you tighten the stock brake line fitting into it.

tried 4x4 fittings,they are not right

to previous comment, fitting from 4x4 company,Threads are correct, but,connection for flare is wrong,will leak

over priced

this is not a flyin' miata exclusive ,same part can be found on many offroad and 4x4 sites for 5 bucks less

Note from FM: NPT to SAE inverted flare adapters are very easy to find but will not work with the metric fittings on a Miata. NPT to metric is not available elsewhere, and this part is machined specifically for us.