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Flyin' Miata extended travel rear spring for NA

Flyin' Miata extended travel rear spring for NA

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13-46501 REAR-V2


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Our springs have been the standard for performance road springs for years. There are thousands of happy Miata owners out there on them.

Rarely, we'd get a report of coil bind when using extended rear mounts. So we tweaked the design of the rear springs to extend their travel and completely remove the possibility of coil bind. The new design have the same ride height and spring rate as before, they've just lost the distinctive close coils at one end.

Thanks to this change, you can now use our FM rear mounts along with FM springs and Koni shocks. These springs are now part of all our FM Stage 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 kits for the NA Miata.

This is a pair of the new springs, intended to update an older suspension package. If you buy a full set of four springs, you'll get these as part of the package.

Ride height: 13"
Spring rate: 233 lb/in"

Sold individually. You will want two per car.