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NGK extended reach spark plugs

NGK extended reach spark plugs

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NGK extended reach plugs in heat range 6. Recommended for use on turbo or supercharged cars. Fits all NA/NB Miatas.

The extended reach means the burn starts closer to the center of the combustion chamber, giving improved efficiency and power. Every Miata should run extended plugs.

Sold in sets of four. That's enough for one car.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very surprised, Compared to Bosch Plugs

So I bought these at an auto parts store, not from FM, just because I happened to be there and they had them. My car (2000 NB1) had pretty much brand new Bosch double platinum plugs in it, because the previous owner had them in a box with a bunch of other parts, so, free tune up there. Nice.

But anyways, I wanted to kinda test out if these reviews were just placebo or something, not that FM sells bum products but come on, plugs?
Wrong. These are awesome, compared to those Bosch's even though they were new! These definitely help with the kind of midrange or "at speed" acceleration. Not sure about off the line or any real hp gains but it's 100% noticeable when you're cruising at like 3k and you smash the gas or even if you're lugging the car a bit. Waited about 2-3 weeks driving with these in just to make it as fair as possible.

Combine these with NGK BLUE plug wires or the magencors that FM sells. Won't disappoint.

Joe. C.
JSRC approved

Coming from stock NGK BKR6E-11 I have noticed an improvement in throttle response and smoother torque delivery. I got these because I noticed pinging from possibly bad gas and was hoping to mitigate it. As the Jackson Racing Supercharger kit is not intercooled. SC is running the larger pulley. Highly recommend these plugs if you are running any boost.

Kevin M.
Works great

Works great on my stock NA6. Idling and acceleration feel way smoother compared to the old plugs.

My go to plugs of choice

I order these from FM each time I replace plugs on my Miata. Free shipping and gapped correctly right out of the box.


I placed these into a 1994 Na in preparation for the turbo build and saw a 3-4MPG average increase and could feel more torque even when N/A. Once I installed a turbo setup 10k later they were flawless even at 15psi. I highly recommend these plugs.