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FM intercooler upgrade for NB

FM intercooler upgrade for NB

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When we redesigned our turbo kits in 2006, we came up with a lighter, more efficient intercooler and piping design.

The collection of complex steel pipes and long routing has been replaced with molded silicone hoses that take a direct route from the turbo to the intercooler and have a smooth interior for better flow. Theyre also lighter and have fewer failure points.

The intercooler is a more effective "long tube" design with a more direct airflow. The mounting is adjustable and solid while blocking less airflow to the radiator than the previous "wings". It's powder-coated for durability and good looks, but with a special thermal property that allows it to shed heat as well as bare aluminum.

Despite the major redesign, we were able to keep the new components compatible with our older kits. This upgrade includes a new wastegate actuator bracket, all the piping from the turbo to the throttle body, the new intercooler, a new radiator hose and all the other small bits and pieces needed (such as constant-torque and T-bolt hose clamps). Fits the GT2560R (GT28R or Big Ball Bearing) turbo. NB FM I and FM II cars with the Link piggyback ECU will require a new compressor inlet hose, air filter, and air filter mount pipe (if you're not using the MAF).  

This could work with non-FM kits, but there are some dimensions you'll need - the compressor outlet is a 2" inside diameter, and the intercooler uses 2.5" hoses. The BOV port is a 1-3/8" inlet.

All this for the price of one of our old intercoolers without any piping!

If you have an adjustable wastegate on your existing turbo, you will need to buy a non-adjustable wastegate. No wastegate is currently included in the upgrade.


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