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ND transmission removal tool

ND transmission removal tool

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The ND is a phenomenal car - there's nearly universal agreement on that, although we may be especially biased. Part of the reason is that it's compact and wrapped around the driver, like an extension of yourself. That kind of feel requires tight packaging, such as the fact that the transmission tunnel is wrapped around the transmission itself, with no wasted room. That's a great thing - until you need to remove the transmission. Then, that benefit turns into a major headache, with lots of struggling, rotating, and often profanity, before you're able to get the transmission out. Fortunately, we have a solution for that!

This tool attaches to your existing transmission jack and securely grips the sides of the transmission, to allow you to safely and securely rotate the transmission about both a fore-aft axis (essentially in-line with the output shaft) and a side-to-side axis. Instead of having it flop around on a generic transmission jack while you struggle, you can carefully rotate the exact correct amount, then hold it there as you move the transmission out a bit, then rotate again, until it's out. Easy! 

This tool does not include a transmission jack, instead, it attaches to the top of your existing transmission jack. You'll need to remove the cradle that's currently on your transmission jack and replace it with this piece. This piece will slip onto the threaded head of the jack. It includes two interchangeable Delrin sleeves, one with a 25.4 mm (1") inside diameter, and one with a 30.2 mm (1.189") ID. Please note that these sleeves aren't threaded, the intention is that they'll slip over the threads on your jack. Please check your jack's threads to be sure that their outside diameter will work with one of the adapters. The sleeves are easy to machine (with an OD of 34.9 mm / 1.374"), but be sure you have the capability - typically, that means a lathe. 



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