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ND strengthened transmission case stud kit

ND strengthened transmission case stud kit

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ND transmissions aren't exactly known for their longevity. They got better throughout the years, but the harder you drive and the more power you push, the more likely it is that you'll see an issue. This is an easy upgrade to hedge your bets. This kit, which includes eight studs and nuts, replaces the bolts that hold the parts of the transmission case together - specifically, the bellhousing, transmission itself, and the tailshaft housing. The stock bolts can fail, but even if they're together they can allow more case flex than is healthy. The studs are made much higher quality than the stock bolts, plus they're studs as opposed to bolts, so this kit will hold your transmission together better. 

We have been using these on our turbocharged 2016 development car for years and they are used on the Global Cup cars as well.

These are a relatively simple install, which does NOT require removal of the transmission. You may need to disconnect the PPF and angle the transmission down a bit, but that's it. 

Fits manual transmissions only.