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Carbon Miata ND Spyder grille

Carbon Miata ND Spyder grille

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Give your ND more air and a different look!

Your stock grille has a big black bar right across the top, blocking airflow and looking clunky. This replacement is open from top to bottom, allowing for more airflow as well as a much cleaner look. It's based on the grille that Mazda put on their Spyder show car. It just looks right when you see it in person.

The new design allows for more room for heat exchangers, so we really like it on cars that run our coolers or see a lot of track use.

ABS plastic, bolts straight in. There's a bumper skin support built into the stock grille. You can either cut it off and reuse it (see the pictures for details) or leave it off, in which case the skin will be a little more flexible above the grille.

Carbon Miata parts often have a long wait time, but we keep these in stock!

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