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ND radar detector mount

ND radar detector mount

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Suction cup radar detector mounts are usually a bit ostentatious, plus they frequently don't work as well as they should. Here's a clean and solid way to mount your radar detector in your ND. Carefully shaped, this piece is a perfect fit for the top of the infotainment screen. It's held in place with (included) double-sided tape, which is also how the detector mounts to the mount. Easy install, fully reversible if need be. 

This is another part from our You Design program, which gives the DIY community an outlet for their designs and an opportunity to make money from their hard work and ingenuity. This particular part is from Michael Inman. 

Customer Reviews

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Will start off by saying for the price I think it's a good mount for a radar detector. I changed a few things on it myself to better fit my situation. I removed the skinny strip of 3m tape on the top and replaced it with Velcro strips for easy removal of my radar detector when parking for long periods of time. I was a little disappointed to find out that the mount doesn't actually clip in, it just kind of sits there. Not sure if I received a dud or they are all like that. It would definitely slide off with an aggressive cornering. I ended up adding 3m tape in 2 placed on the mount to stick to the back of the center screen. One large piece to stick to the back and one small piece to stick to the top of the center screen. I also cut about half of an inch off the end of the mount. The part closest to the front window was sticking out past my radar detector (Uniden R7). I just used some sharp scissors and they worked fine. All in all good mount, maybe think about added more 3m tape so the mount stays in place.

Ty C.
Works better then i thought it would for my Gen 1 V1

When i first got it i was concerned with how well the radar detector (mine is a gen 1 valentine 1) would sit on it as the adhesive strip is actually higher then the plastic surface by about 1 to 2 mm. But to my surprise it stayed stationary even though its elevated. If i were to offer some advice on a future revision is to make it 2 adhesive strips on top and maybe one where it attaches to the back of the infotainment screen to reduce rattling.

Ive never been a big fan of the windshield mounts and i used my visor mount before this but i wanted to change it as ive hit my head on the detector too many times in that position. Been using it for 2 weeks with no problems other then a very light rattling sound that probably wont bother most people.