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Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package (ND/Fiat chassis)

Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package (ND/Fiat chassis)

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Flyin' Miata suspension packages are known as the best all-around suspension available for the Miata, and now you can get them for the newest generation. An excellent performance upgrade, the Stage 2 is what we run on one of our in-house test cars.

Read what Automobile Magazine had to say.

Includes sway bars, a set of four springs and shocks, and new rear bumpstops. Only Flyin' Miata includes the bumpstops in their packages!

This package gives excellent body control without sacrificing the compliance that makes the Miata chassis work so well. The Stage 2 cuts down roll even further than the Stage 1, but still lets the car move fluidly over the road.

Soft top springs:
Front 300 lb/in, 13" ride height
Rear 175 lb/in, 13.5" ride height

RF springs:
Front 300 lb/in, 13" ride height
Rear 205 lb/in, 13.5" ride height

The actual drop will depend on your starting ride height - we've seen stock heights vary by more than half an inch, with the Club and GT-S models sitting slightly lower. The end result is a good balance between spring rate and ride height, giving you enough room for everyday clearance and still being able to absorb bumps before hitting the bumpstops. We've known for years that running a soft spring rate with a lowered ride height is a recipe for disaster as the car slams into the bumpstops, so we always run enough spring rate to prevent that. It might seem counterintuitive that a stiff spring will be more comfortable than a soft one, but it's true.

The shocks are adjustable for damping so you can dial in the car's behavior to your tastes. They've also got a lifetime warranty, so they're the last shocks you'll ever need to buy.

These Konis have different choices for the spring perch heights, but our springs are designed around specific perch heights. Please follow the included directions. 

Our FM sway bars will address the prodigious amount of lean in the car, and let you fine-tune the overall handling balance to your preference easily.

Please note that the optional headlight leveling system will need to be adjusted with the lower ride height. If your car has the ride height sensor, you can modify it with our headlight levelizer. Alternately, you can do a software recalibration that will teach the car what normal ride height is. Cars without the ride height sensor (some 2018 and later models) will have to recalibrate. If you do not address this, the headlights will aim low and you will have poor night visibility.


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What does it fit?

Fits: 2016, 2017, 2017 Fiat, 2017 RF, 2018, 2018 Fiat, 2018 RF, 2019, 2019 Fiat, 2019 RF, 2020, 2020 Fiat, 2020 RF, 2021, 2021 RF, 2022, 2022 RF


Emissions do not apply.





Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matthew S.

I had this kit installed on a new RF with a little over 3K miles on it. The mechanic reached out to FM for recommended settings and he followed their recommendations. We set the car up on the softer side as a daily driver with some track/cornering competence. With that in mind, the suspension kit is great. The shocks/springs are fairly close to a stock feel, a touch stiffer but not so much that the ride is negatively impacted. Cornering is MUCH flatter, which was the goal. This is how the car should have been set from the factory. If I had to provide a negative side, it's a little noisier/harsher over really bad bumps/potholes over stock, especially from the rear of the car.

This is my second Koni kit from FM, the first went on a '99 Anniversary edition and I loved it on that car too. Thanks FM for making a great kit that doesn't ruin the daily-driven nature of the car.

Mazda should have offered this exact package as a factory performance upgrade

I recently installed the Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package on my 2019 30th Anniversary Edition soft top. It's the perfect upgrade to remedy the floaty, rolling, jiggly, handling. I just got home from driving two laps of the Angeles Crest Highway. It was 250 miles of precise steering, near flat cornering, quicker response, and excellent tracking over smooth and rough surfaces. The handling is a night and day improvement over driving the same roads prior the the suspension upgrade. It's also a much better ride on streets and highways. Rough roads and potholes used to bounce the stock suspension and require steering corrections. Now, the shocks and springs soak it up and quickly stabilize. Freeway lane changes are more responsive. I have my Koni shocks set at the Flyin Miata recommendation. If I was going to track or autocross, it's easy to adjust them firmer.

Installation is straightforward if you follow the Flyin Miata install instructions and view their YouTube install videos. Their tips will save you time. One other thing - if you're not going to reuse the old sway bars, you may consider cutting them to ease removal.

Considering price, install effort, and results, I'd say it's money very well spent. I highly recommend all owners experience how much better their originally equipped Miata will drive with this suspension upgrade.

Kicked my ND up a solid notch

I have had experience with Koni yellows w/ a ground control setup on a 1999 Honda Civic Hatchback wayback in the day and they were great to me. Mind you, I was not driving the way I drive now (mainly to replace old shocks and have an aesthetic appearance).

15 years later, I got my first miata and its an 2019 ND. She's responsive, nimble, and fun to drive. I was in love, so I thought. For her 1 year birthday I decided to go with I already known and trusted, Koni Yellows (rebound adjustment was I needed/wanted, as less options made driving more pleasurable). FM did all research as to which spring parameters would work well with the Koni and ND chassis. I was sold.

After a month with the Stage 2 Kit I am nothing but extremely satisfied with the behavior of my vehicle. I drive the roads of northern California; freeways, and scenic coastal/mountain roads. She is more responsive, more nimble without excessive body roll, and surprisingly comfortable on freeway commutes. The predictability of the her behavior has me driving more confidently. Longitudinal and lateral movements has greatly improved over stock (ND Club). It took me a moment to gasp the characteristics of my settings and the snappiness when whipping directions, left to right to left, etc.

What I wanted: Suspension upgrade to tighten everything up that had the least options to tempt me from fiddling with it. Fixed height, rebound adjustment only, something thicker with adjustable compared to the stock sway bars, and priced below $1400 w/ self install.

My Settings: First month so far, rebound adjusted to 50% stiff on all 4 corners. Koni circlips adjusted per FM instructions. Sway bars front/back on middle notch. Alignment basic numbers. Stock Club wheels with 205 tires.

My recommendation: Absolutely. I'm in love with the driving behavior. I am enjoying the the simplicity. Hop in and drive with confidence. Clearance is perfect for daily driving.

What is next: This setup has searching for the stock Recaro seats or something (w/ heating element) to provide more bolster around my shoulders. The car is more planted than I am in the seat haha. Thicker and maybe, smaller diameter wheel. Alloy pedals. Basically, anything the driver has contact with to make the drive more visceral. Maybe wider wheels or tires. Anything to further enjoy this Stage 2 Kit.

Excellent setup, relatively low cost

I started with the sway bars and they tamed the body roll. I upgraded to the Koni package about 15k miles ago and love how my RF handles using the recommended settings (including alignment) from FM.
I didn’t realize how big of an improvement this kit is over the stock setup until I recently picked up a stock ND - after driving a precision instrument as my daily driver for the past 15k miles, the stock setup seems ‘floaty’. The OEM springs are so soft that the rear end squats and the front end lifts when rapidly accelerating. And taking a corner feels like riding a mechanical bull at a very slow speed compared to the go cart feel of the FM Koni stage 2.
There are suspension setups that cost twice as much, but I can’t imagine they are twice as good as this kit.

Mixed Bag for Sure

I have the Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 Suspension package, I bought it over-time instead of in a bundle but I have all the parts in this package.

For the money you can get a decent set of coil-overs and call it a day. However with the Koni Adjustable shocks you get more options for customization.

For daily use and light auto-x the FM Springs are fine, however I personally found the Spring Rates to be a little soft under hard cornering.

For the money it can be hard to justify, but if you are building your car incrementally and want room to be able to change and modify your suspension this is a good way to go.

Definitely recommend stiffer springs though for more aggressive driving.