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Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 1 suspension package (ND/Fiat chassis)

Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 1 suspension package (ND/Fiat chassis)

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Fits: 2016, 2017, 2017 Fiat, 2017 RF, 2018, 2018 Fiat, 2018 RF, 2019, 2019 Fiat, 2019 RF, 2020, 2020 Fiat, 2020 RF, 2021, 2021 RF, 2022, 2022 RF

Emissions: Emissions do not apply.

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Warranty: lifetime

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Flyin' Miata suspension packages are known as the best all-around suspension available for the Miata, and now you can get them for the newest generation. An excellent performance upgrade. Includes a set of four springs and shocks as well as a set of rear bumpstops. Only Flyin' Miata includes new bumpstops in their suspension packages.

This package gives excellent body control without sacrificing the compliance that makes the Miata chassis work so well.

Soft top springs:
Front 300 lb/in, 13" ride height
Rear 175 lb/in, 13.5" ride height

RF springs:
Front 300 lb/in, 13" ride height
Rear 205 lb/in, 13.5" ride height

The actual drop will depend on your starting ride height - we've seen stock heights vary by more than half an inch, with the Club and GT-S models sitting slightly lower. The end result is a good balance between spring rate and ride height, giving you enough room for everyday clearance and still being able to absorb bumps before hitting the bumpstops. We've known for years that running a soft spring rate with a lowered ride height is a recipe for disaster as the car slams into the bumpstops, so we always run enough spring rate to prevent that. It might seem counterintuitive that a stiff spring will be more comfortable than a soft one, but it's true.

These Konis have different choices for the spring perch heights, but our springs are designed around specific perch heights. Please follow the included directions. 

The shocks are adjustable for damping so you can dial in the car's behavior to your tastes. They've also got a lifetime warranty, so they're the last shocks you'll ever need to buy for the car.

Please note that the optional headlight leveling system will need to be adjusted with the lower ride height. If your car has the ride height sensor, you can modify it with our headlight levelizer. Alternately, you can do a software recalibration that will teach the car what normal ride height is. Cars without the ride height sensor (some 2018 and later models) will have to recalibrate. If you do not address this, the headlights will aim low and you will have poor night visibility.

Customer Reviews

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The way Mazda should have built it

This was my first time messing with shocks/springs and I ended up getting them installed wrong the first time. Note to others: One of the washers you reassemble the new shocks with has to be drilled out to 12mm. I drilled it out until it slid onto the shaft of the shock and this ended up being too much. Thankfully I had some extra washers and after contacting FM I was able to figure out what I did wrong.

After installing and getting an alignment job done I took the car for a drive through about 200mi of curvy back roads. I installed the Karcepts front sway bar at the same time as these springs and shocks and honestly it feels pretty dialed in. Ride height went from 14.25" stock to 13.25" and the tires look much better tucked in without the huge gap they had with the stock springs, and there appears to be plenty of travel to work with for the suspension to do its job. Steering is amazingly direct, turn-in is immediate, and there is near zero body roll even taking corners near the limit of the tires. At the recommended settings the dampeners feel slightly firmer than the stock bilsteins but handle rough roads much better, especially washboard situations. Gone is the porpoising. I'd definitely classify myself as a novice driver, so I'm sure if I was a hardcore autocross guy I could find myself wanting something more, but I can't imagine what that would be at this time. The car performs, feels and handles like a true sports car now.