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Koni Sport shock and bumpstop set (ND/Fiat chassis)

Koni Sport shock and bumpstop set (ND/Fiat chassis)

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The Koni Sport has been around the Miata world for decades, and now it's available for the ND! They are exceptionally long lived with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. One of the fastest off-the-shelf shocks you can run in stock class autocross.

Now includes a set of new rear bumpstops - a $30 value.

The Sport has adjustable rebound damping, allowing it to work well with stock springs as well as stiffer units. They are adjusted via the top, no there's no crawling around on the ground.

These Konis have different choices for the spring perch heights, please refer to the included directions.

Due to the large shaft size used by Koni, you will have to drill a larger hole in your bumpstop support washer. New upper washer and crush tubes are included to make installation easier.

Available as a package with Flyin' Miata springs.

Customer Reviews

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Great for street and everyday drivability

Haven’t autocrossed yet but on the softest setting they are very comfortable for the street. Some modifications are regrettable when your car is used for daily commuting. No regrets with this.
Although pretty easy to install I think the instructions could have been more detailed. There are two similar looking washers one which you replace and one you drill out and reuse. I think I got it wrong. Also I overdid the loosening of the A arms and put my alignment way out of whack. Maybe a little more detail on those two steps would have been nice. All worked out and easy to finish in a few hours.