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Flyin' Miata pedal kit for ND and Fiat

Flyin' Miata pedal kit for ND and Fiat

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21-74000 2016+



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High performance driving means high performance footwork. This pedal set extends your gas pedal for easier heel-toe and has more traction than the stock rubber covers. Yes, it's been properly tested - these pedals offer 50% more grip than stock when dry and 30% more when wet. They fasten securely to your stock pedals with locking hardware for worry-free driving.

Includes new accelerator/brake/clutch pedal covers and a dead pedal cover with the Flyin' Miata name. Okay, so maybe you don't need a high-traction dead pedal. But you never know.

Please note that these won't work with automatic cars.

You can see our NA & NB pedal kits in the video below


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