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Flyin' Miata ND/Fiat dual hood lift kit

Flyin' Miata ND/Fiat dual hood lift kit

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Built for us by our friends at IL Motorsports, this dual hood lift kit will open the hood a bit farther than stock, gives you more room to work, and has the perfect balance of assistance. Because there are two hydraulic lifts, the hood doesn't twist and there's no bending when closed. As seen in our V8 conversions.

Bolt-on installation. Fits all ND Miatas and all Fiat 124 Spider.

Only for models without the active bonnet system, which was only available on some non-US-Spec Miatas. If you have black metal blanking plates near the hood hinges (as show in the fitment picture above), these will work. If you have a mechanism that protrudes from that plate, this won't. Put another way, this will work fine on all US-spec Miatas and Fiats.

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