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Verus rear diffuser for ND

Verus rear diffuser for ND

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Less lift, less drag - the best of both worlds. Developed with Computational Fluid Dynamics, this bolt-on diffuser is made of aluminum for light weight and strength. Adjustable to fit a range of exhausts, such as our exclusive Hush-O-Matic. Fits all stock bodywork options.

Due to the twin-tip design of the Hush-O-Matic, some small trimming is required. See photos.

Still can't decide? Remember that less drag means better fuel economy. That's right, it's the sensible green choice.

Note: Velox Motorsports has changed their name to Verus Engineering - but the parts are as good as ever.



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Customer Reviews

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Roger H.
Long Skinny Arms Needed

I have been wanting this rear diffuser for quite some time and finally sprang for it. It took probably 20 minutes or more to unpack, but that’s a good thing. Initially it seemed it would be an easy install. But as I got to the rear screws that’s when easy went away. Getting the nut on the left rear screw was a major pain. Luckily I have the Roadster Sport Race muffler installed so that provided just enough gap for me to stick my arm in and reach over. This is where long skinny arms come in. If you have twin exhaust pipes coming out - good luck. Without the factory diffuser it may be easier as there is a gap there. Overall it took a couple of hours and for the most part an easy install. And, the aggressive look is worth it as well. If I could change anything, it would be to replace the allen head screws with hex head bolts for the front and side mounting locations. There is a good install video on YouTube that is worth watching.

Great, but use rivnuts.

Do yourself a favor and install M6 rivet nuts on the brackets that hold the rear of the diffuser, where the spacers are used.
This will make install and maintenance removals infinitely easier. Without rivnuts, I don't know how you can install this with anything but the thickest spacers which are less than ideal for the aerodynamic effect this is supposed to provide.

Otherwise, this piece is very nicely made with great fit/finish. Instructions are clear.

When used in combination with the Verus canards/dive plans, I found the car to be more planted at high speeds. Additionally, I could maintain a 36+MPG average (infotainment indicated, not hand calculated) with the top down while cruising ~75MPH.

Above all else, it looks great. Can't install aero parts if they don't make you look like the coolest kid in school, right?

Looks great, but pricey and hardware is somewhat lackluster

The piece itself is very cool and well made. The hardware leaves much to be desired. For the money, the hardware should be of higher quality and easier for the install.

looks nice

The quality is very nice. Make sure you have all of the parts before you start the install process. I was missing all 4 mounting brackets. I am pretty handy and I got it completed in about 90 minutes. You definately need a second set of hands to hang the diffuser once the mounting brackets are installed. Overall, I am very happy with the product.

Accomplished my goal but honestly, could be better

1st like other review said, excellent packaging, arrived in excellent shape. I actually did my best at re-boxing it as I fully anticipated returning the item. Based on website photos and the instructions I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to fit. I read that the FM hush-o-matic might require a bit of trimming to work. And the instructions mention making sure the “ears” were tucked in first. I happen to have the Goodwin racing twin tip super street exhaust and based on what I understood the installation should look like there was no way in #3!! this thing was going to fit without some major surgery. So, I called the always awesome folks at FM (following up on an email is sent and 1 they knew who I was as soon as I explained my quandary and 2 did I mention they are a great group of people? I mean, these parts are sometimes available from other vendors but why go anywhere else?) anyway, within a half hour they had contacted the folks at verus and had photos of an install they did with a similar exhaust to mine which really illustrated the installation options much more clearly. Armed with that new knowledge I pulled the diffuser back out of the box and an hour and a half later had it installed. My main reason, I love the ND Miata from every single angle but one. I’ve noticed - to me - they look rather silly when following behind. They have this sort of arch effect, like it’s pulling up it trousers in the middle to wade through water without getting wet. Like, they don’t look muscular from the rear, sort of pinched and odd looking I think. So, I wanted something to sort of fill that void between the rear tires, under the bumper, and it does that to good effect but I do wish it had been designed to fit a bit tighter. Overall, happy with the result and I would still recommend it over other styles (fiberglass) that I’ve seen installed.