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ND Clutch Kit

ND Clutch Kit

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The stock ND clutch can actually handle more power than stock, but if yours has gone out, or if you have especially ambitious plans, here's your solution. This clutch can handle 340 lb-ft of torque at the crank, all while being friendly with a light pedal pressure and smooth engagement. No adjustment needed. Hardware - crank bolts, pressure plate bolts and washers, and Loctite (blue and red) - is all included. The friction material is a steelback copper woven organic material.

Be aware that this clutch will not work with the stock flywheel, and the stock flywheel can't be modified to use this clutch. You'll need to purchase one of our flywheels to work with this clutch. This listing is for a replacement clutch if you already have one of our flywheels, if you need a complete kit you'll find that below. 




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What does it fit?

Fits: 2016, 2017, 2017 RF, 2018, 2018 RF, 2019, 2019 RF, 2020, 2020 RF, 2021, 2021 RF, 2022, 2022 RF


Emissions do not apply.


90 days