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ND cabin air filter

ND cabin air filter

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A cabin air filter is a little silly for a convertible, right? No argument - when the top is down. When the top is up, you want to breathe the cleanest air possible. Here's how you do that. Straight out of Japan, this filter has two pieces - a mesh cover for the intake in the cowl to keep the big stuff out, and a filter specifically designed for fine particulate matter (PM 2.5). The main filter is electrostatically charged so it attracts fine dust and pollen, and it's also made out of an antibacterial material, so it will resist developing an unpleasant odor.

But the ND doesn't have a cabin air filter! Is this Band-Aided into place somehow? Nope. There's a pocket that sure looks like it's designed specifically for a filter (see pictures), but it's hidden behind the dash. The installation is a bit more involved than most, but it's not terrible - check out the video below to see what's involved. 

Please note that the max airflow will likely drop a tick, but not by much - unless you frequently use the highest fan speed, you probably won't notice. 

Both the filter and the screen that are included in this kit are both considered maintenance items. They typically need to be replaced once a year, although a noticeable decrease in air flow or  new smells are both indications that it needs to be replaced. 

Customer Reviews

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Easy upgrade

This was a pretty simple installation that took maybe 20 minutes to complete, while moving slowly. The only "difficult" part of the job is removing the cover for the media screen/filter under the dash. Using pick tool similar to what the FM guys used in their video worked well.

I hope that when the time comes to replace the filter, it can be sourced for less than the $45 this kit retails for. That's a problem for future-me.

At a minimum, the mesh screen under the cowl should be a factory part. When I removed the stock media screen from the box where the air filter installs, I pulled out several leaves and sticks/seeds. Hopefully the new mesh screen will keep the HVAC ducts and fan a little cleaner.

Must do upgrade

This feels a bit pricy for a cabin air filter but considering that I can't find any alternative that also has the mesh, I decided to go for this one. During installation, I found out that my stock "cabin air filter" was full of leaves (I wish I could upload the picture here) but I am glad that it is taken care of now.


Asked the dealership 5 years ago if there was a cabin air filter to which they replied no. 5 years later I stumbled on this product. Long story short my intake for the blower was so backed up I wound up having to buy a new blower motor and actuator. Aside from that the filter definitely cleans the air , minimal if negligible drop in air flow. Worth it for cleaner air.