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ND Stage 5 Big Mama Jama brake kit

ND Stage 5 Big Mama Jama brake kit

Exclusive to Flyin' Miata!

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When we need enough brake for our 500 hp V8 cars, this is what we use. Car and Driver tested a stopping distance of 148 feet from 70 mph, which is 10' shorter than the stock car despite the extra 260 lbs of the V8 test car. On track, they hold up to hard repeated use even with that massive engine.

The pedal feel and balance is excellent due to the stiff Dynapro calipers with properly sized pistons. Slotted two-piece GT-48 12.88" rotors use superior metallurgy with directional vanes. This metal gives very long life as well as dimensional stability under rapid temperature changes. We include our own one-piece lines to avoid multiple adapters.

Available as a front-only kit or as a Stage 2 with our exclusive four piston rear upgrade. Due to these upgrades, this kit is only available from Flyin' Miata.


  • Dynapro 6A 6-piston calipers 
  • GT-48 slotted two-piece 12.88" front rotors (no rear rotors included)
  • Powerlite 4-piston calipers 
  • BP-10 pads and FM braided steel brake lines for all four corners
  • All hardware required for installation - even a hose to bleed the brakes

The rear calipers are exclusive to Flyin' Miata, and incorporate a parking brake mechanism. The Powerlite rear caliper has been modified to use the factory handbrake cables, even using factory clips so it's a really clean install. The handbrake is not as powerful as the stock setup, so while it can be used to hold the car on a slight grade, it is not suitable for initiating handbrake turns or more than a slight incline. Leave the car in gear and turn the wheels towards the curb and you should be fine.

Will they fit your wheels? These brakes (front and rear) will fit under stock 17" wheels without the need for a wheel spacer. We have not yet tested them with factory 16" wheels. We do recommend you check against your own, however. Use our handy templates to be sure:

Front template

Rear template

Note that brake fluid isn't included and is required. It's optional from us for shipping reasons and in case you have your own, but our options are among the best fluid you can get. If you choose that option above you'll get two 500 ml bottles. 

To make the bleeding process as easy as possible, add Speed Bleeders. Note that the Wilwood calipers have four bleeders per caliper, only the top two (per caliper) need to be replaced with Speed Bleeders. 

You can choose red powder coat or grey hard anodizing as a coating for the calipers. Bear in mind that the hard anodizing is un-dyed, which means that the final color can vary from caliper to caliper, due to differences in the forgings themselves. This difference can be especially noticeable between different caliper types, e.g., the front Dynapro calipers and the rear Powerlite calipers that we use. We can't accept returns for calipers that have different shades of grey. If it's important that your calipers match each other perfectly, you'll need to choose the red calipers. 


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What does it fit?

Fits: 2016, 2017, 2017 Fiat, 2017 RF, 2018, 2018 Fiat, 2018 RF, 2019, 2019 Fiat, 2019 RF, 2020, 2020 Fiat, 2020 RF, 2021, 2021 RF, 2022, 2022 RF


Emissions do not apply.


1 year