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Slotted rear rotors for NC Little Big Brake Kit

Slotted rear rotors for NC Little Big Brake Kit

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These Flyin' Miata rotors were formerly included with our NC rear little big brake kit. These are great if you need some replacement rotors for the NC LBBK and are looking to match the zinc plated appearance of your front slotted rotors or just a slightly less expensive alternative to the StopTech rotors. 

These rotors are cast to very high material specification and tight tolerances. The slots extend brake pad life by "wiping" the white-hot boundary layer from the disc and pad, increasing braking efficiency and extending pad life, and they have ramped edges to cut down on noise.

The zinc plating keeps the rotors from rusting outside of the pad contact area. This is friendlier for pads than cadmium. They're larger than stock at 11.9" so they can't be used for stock braking systems. Sold in pairs.


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