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Koni Sport shock set (NC chassis)

Koni Sport shock set (NC chassis)

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The Koni Sport has been around the Miata world for a couple of decades. They are exceptionally long lived with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

The Sport has adjustable rebound damping suitable for use with a variety of spring options.

Includes a complete set of our upgraded bump stops. Also available as a package with Flyin' Miata springs.

Note: The Koni shocks have a 12mm shaft whereas the stock shaft is 10mm. You'll need to drill out the two washers on the upper mount to accommodate this. It's not a difficult task.



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Customer Reviews

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It depends on your application

My OEM rear Blisteins were worn out after 6 years. I’ve had the Koni’s along with the stage 2 suspension package installed for over two years. No doubt the Koni’s are a great set of shocks. But there are caveats and should be taken seriously. On smooth roads with only subtle imperfections, they’re wonderful. On most city streets or slightly rough highways, they are simply too harsh for the daily driver. Mine were brought back to the installer and set on the softest setting. Still too harsh. I was hoping several months would mellow this feedback out a bit. Not really because as advertised, they’re high-quality shocks. Daily drivers, I recommend another Flyin Miata suspension option or replace the OEM Blisteins if needed. Note: Sway bar addition was awesome.

Note from FM: the shocks in this review are not the ones we sell now, the valving has changed and they can go softer if desired.