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Flyin' Miata pedal kit for NC

Flyin' Miata pedal kit for NC

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21-74000 2006-15



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High performance driving means high performance footwork. This pedal set extends your gas pedal for easier heel-toe and has more traction than the stock rubber covers. Yes, it's been properly tested - these pedals offer 50% more grip than stock when dry and 30% more when wet. They fasten securely to your stock pedals with locking hardware for worry-free driving. You will need to drill a few holes in your clutch and brake pedals to fasten them.

Includes an extension for the gas pedal, new brake/clutch pedal covers and a dead pedal cover with the Flyin' Miata name. Okay, so maybe you don't need a high-traction dead pedal.

Please note that these won't work with automatic cars.

You can see our NA & NB Pedal Kits in the video below


Customer Reviews

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Exactly what's needed

Quick delivery, arrived as described with perfect fitment. I've done a few pedals on a few cars and it's always a pain in the back (or side) working under the dash but that's not a comment about the pedals just the nature of the mod. Well made, simple straight forward instructions and look great once in. Word of advice - get a silver sharpie marker to mark your drill holes on the clutch and brake pedals when you mock up the plates. Since the pedal metal is relatively thin it's easy to get a small drill bit going and easy to punch through.

Simple and effective

Bought a set of these for my 2006. They look awesome, have great traction, and fit perfectly. Just pop off the covers on the clutch and brake pedals, drill some holes, and bolt the new ones on. The gas pedal and dead pedal are attached with screws. Overall very simple installation.