Flyin' Miata sway bars (NC chassis)

Flyin' Miata sway bars (NC chassis)

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Sway bars are used to make your car corner flatter and react faster by keeping the body (and all the weight) under control. Ours are set up for neutral handling and are adjustable so you can tailor the handling of your Miata to your own driving style.

Our swaybars are hot formed from 4140 CrMo spring steel. This means they're stronger than the cold-formed bars found elsewhere. We've designed them to keep the same handling balance as your stock sways, but they have two settings in the front and three in the rear for fine-tuning. Includes brackets and urethane bushings with waterproof grease.

The NC are hollow front and rear, with sizes of 1" front and 0.75" rear. These sizes are typically not harsh enough to cause damage to the stock swaybar mounting points.



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What does it fit?

Fits: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


Emissions do not apply.




13-36500 2006-15

Customer Reviews

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Great first Upgrade

2016 GT.. these sway bars transformed the handling. Dead flat on public mountain roads at any responsible speed. Darned little lean well above 0.80 reported on a Garmin catalyst on crazy tight hairpins as tight or tighter than a U Turn. Worth every penny. If you are going to scrap it, cut the front sway bar to make removal a LOT easier. Sine I am doing mods in stages, I added the stage 2 reinforcement kit for the front bar. The subframe metal is so thin to keep the car light, I do not want the bars to damage the car while I still have soft springs installed. And I want to enhance long term durability even with lowered springs.

FM sway bars and end links

Install was straightforward, just follow included instructions and use common sense. Patience is a virtue and so is double checking torque specs.

Did a couple of mountain and canyon drives...these bars transform the handling! I installed Koni Sport springs the end of last season. Adding these sway bars has really flattened out the cornering. I set them up according to FM recommendations and they're spot on. The car feels really planted and you can feel the tires dig and grip.

Your NC needs this!

I don’t have much wrenching experience beyond oil changes, but this was not difficult to do on jack stands in my garage. I’d give it a 4/10 on the difficulty scale. On to the review…

Holy sh*t. Totally changed the character of the NC. I have a grand touring with the “sport” package, and from factory the suspension is overall kinda soft and squishy, and worse, the excessive body roll makes my NC feel uncontrolled and sloppy at times.

Put the front and rear sway bars in today on the stiffest settings (I think… I used the holes closest to the body mounts) and took it for a spin. Now the car feels planted at all times. More nimble, quicker to change direction. Steering during corners feels more precise. And since it just rained, I was able to get a little loose and feel exactly what was happening on each corner of the car.

Would rate 11/10 and recommend as a first cheap(ish) and easy upgrade to the handling of any NC.

Can’t wait to get some good tires and really see what the chassis can do. Thanks FM!

Worth the price and effort

I just installed the rear saw bar on a 2008 Grand Touring. Of course I bought the set but lacking time and the fact that the rear sway bar even with the "performance package" is the size of my left pinky, I did the easy one first. I used the stock end links and the middle holes in the bar.
What a difference. The rear end seems more planted than before, the car corners much better, much more to my liking. I now have even more incentive to get the front bar done, though I may wait to enjoy my new sports car for a while.
BTW, the rear bar twisted so much getting it off, (even with penetrating oil) that I feared braking it and used a 5mm Allen key to oppose the force. Is that a normal thing?

Note from FM: Please bear in mind that upgrading only the rear sway bar can make the car more prone to oversteer, so be careful. This isn't an issue when you replace both of the sway bars.

It's normal to need to hold the stud of the end link in place with an Allen key while you loosen the nut.

Great investment!

I had a 2012 Grand Touring with the sport suspension that handled exceptionally well. After it was totaled, I replaced it with a 2014 Club. The difference in handling was disappointing to say the least. A one day install of front and rear FM sway bars brought the Clud handling up to, if not better than, the Grand Touring. Be sure to read the instuctions on the front bar install, as the positioning can be a challenge without knowing the hints.