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Moroso aluminum coolant expansion tank for NC

Moroso aluminum coolant expansion tank for NC

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The "overflow" tank on your NC is actually pressurized and part of the cooling system. The oldest ones are now over a decade old, which is asking a lot for a plastic box that's a critical part and exposed to high heat levels. We've seen a few damaged engines from cracks in the stock tank, leading to a loss of pressure in the system and overheating. This aluminum part will solve that problem and give your NC the protection it needs.

Plus it looks awesome.

Bolt-in replacement for stock. Includes a sight tube so you can check coolant level. Fits all NC models. Exclusive to FM!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Israel L.D.J.
Good peace of mind

It took me about an hour to install, but installing the factory cap and bottom hose were a PITA and the rest was easy. Watch out not to drop any of the bolts in the bay as I did as it can be hard to fish out.

That said, this was installed prior to my first SCCA Track Night event. As my daily driver NC1 it has been 8 months, 3 Track Nights, and 3 autocross events and the coolant tank has not skipped a beat. Everything seems solid and reliable with it. No complaints other install, but it could may vary with other NCs.

Marc C.
Easy mod

Only took about an hour, and one scraped knuckle. Except for the part when I dropped my pliers into the engine bay — took 3 of us to retrieve them.

Looks great and no worries about coolant tank failure.

Nice piece of security

I bought my 2015 Club in December with 85k on the clock, so this was my first mod I decided to perform, since I'm not quite ready for a 2.5 swap just yet.

Installation was mostly a breeze, with the exception of the hose clamps. The Moroso tank has slightly larger hose barbs than stock apparently, so I found myself with a disassembled coolant system and unable to get it back together until I picked up some replacement hose clamps. Other than that and my own blunder of dropping one of the mounting nuts into the void that is the engine bay, installation was straight forward and simple.

I don't think it's worth knocking off a star for, but it would be nice if Moroso would include the two hose clamps with the tank. They're cheap enough to include, and would make an excellent product even better.

Great product

Excellent tank, very high quality. It looks great and feels very substantial. Install was a breeze. I dribbled out a little fluid, not much. If I had 3 arms or a couple corks I wouldn't have lost any.

Great Product & Great Customer Service

This is a two part review.

First, a review of the coolant tank: It’s very obviously well made and it installs very easily. The site glass is an excellent, much needed touch. Be aware, since it’s a solid aluminum tank, it will be the same temperature as your coolant at any given time, which means it will be VERY hot after the car has reached operating temperature.
Second, a review of Flyin’ Miata’s customer service: When I first installed the tank I noticed that the lower fitting for the site tube was leaking. (I still rate it a 5-star product...anyone can get a bad fitting here and there) I immediately started the return/exchange process per FM’s easy to follow instructions on the site. Once the process was started, Mike gave me regular updates from start to finish, and he served as mediator between me and Moroso. (They we’re also easy to work with) He assisted me with the entire return process and then checked to make sure everything was up to par after I received the tank once the fitting was changed. I always hate having to do a return or exchange, but FM and Moroso made as painless as possible. Thank guys!