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NB stock replacement style radiator

NB stock replacement style radiator

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Sometimes you just need to fix a broken car. A good budget replacement for all NB radiators, with a little extra cooling capacity as it's built for automatics. It's definitely nowhere near as effective as our crossflow radiators when it comes to cooling the car, so we recommend our crossflow for track cars and turbocharged cars including the MSM. It is probably more efficient than a cheap aluminum unit built with a very open core, though.

Will fit the MSM, but be aware that the MSM came from the factory with a more efficient radiator than other Miatas so this may be a downgrade.

Like the factory unit, it has plastic end tanks so it will last roughly a decade. Once the tanks start to discolor and turn green, it's a good idea to replace your stock or any other factory radiator before the tanks crack.

2-year warranty. Cap not included. Plastic end tanks, so expect a lifespan of approximately a decade.