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Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package (NB chassis)

Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package (NB chassis)

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Fits: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2004 MSM, 2005, 2005 MSM

Emissions: Emissions do not apply.

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Warranty: lifetime

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"...their stuff just works. I can't tell you how rare that is with aftermarket parts—too many companies just throw a bunch of spring and damper at a car and call it a day. (Coincidentally, most tuned cars blow goats.) FM's bits give gobs of travel and nice, progressive behavior at the limit." - Road & Track magazine

Our FM springs, FM sway bars and Koni Sport adjustable shocks work beautifully. It's what we use as our baseline for ride and handling - a suspension that can be driven on the interstate, on a daily commute and ripping around Laguna Seca. The sway bars let the car corner flatter and let you easily adjust the handling balance of the car, while the springs and shocks work together to keep the body under control. Every Miata will be happier with a Stage 2 suspension.

How much will this kit lower your car? We can't tell you, because Mazda changed the ride height of Miatas over the years. However, if you measure from the center of the wheel to the fender lip, you can compare your car to the final result. It's not a huge drop but once you drive the car you'll appreciate how well it works.

Specifications for the 1990-05 cars
Front springs: 318 lb/in
Rear springs: 233 lb/in
Front ride height: 12.5"
Rear ride height: 13"

The bushings at the top of your shocks are getting old. A new set of Mazda original equipment bushings can give you the best isolation from noise and vibration. Our adjustable end links give a few more options for setting up the car and can replace a set of stock end links that have damaged ball joints. 

Includes FM sway bars, FM springs, bumpstops and Koni Sport shocks.

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