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FM V-Maxx XXtreme Stage 2 Track Pack package suspension kit (NB chassis)

FM V-Maxx XXtreme Stage 2 Track Pack package suspension kit (NB chassis)

Exclusive to Flyin' Miata!

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V-Maxx coilovers give you an adjustable dual-spring setup for ride and handling. FM sway bars let you adjust your handling balance and make the car corner flatter and transition faster. Mix them together and you get the V-Maxx stage 2 kit - an excellent recipe for handling. It's what the Hammerhead teams used at the punishing Targa Newfoundland.

About the sway bars:

Sway bars are used to make your car corner flatter and react faster by keeping the body (and all the weight) under control. Ours are set up for neutral handling and are adjustable so you can tailor the handling of your Miata to your own driving style.

Our swaybars are hot formed from 4140 CrMo spring steel. This means they're stronger than the cold-formed bars found elsewhere. We've designed them to keep the same handling balance as your stock sways, but they have two settings in the front and three in the rear for fine-tuning. Includes brackets and urethane bushings with waterproof grease.

NB sizes are 1.0" front and 0.625" rear.

About the V-Maxx:

Improved! The rear shocks now have offset bushings for extra clearance between the spring and the halfshafts. This gives you a wider range of height adjustment.

The XXtreme Track Pack comes with stiff 504 lb/in front and 336 lb/in rear spring rates. They're aimed at cars that spend most of their time on the track. It can still be driven on the street, but it is stiff. Early Miatas should have some sort of chassis reinforcement in order to take full advantage of these spring rates. If you'd like a softer option more suited to street use, these are also available with the Sport spring rates for the same price. The springs are also available separately if you'd like to have multiple sets on hand.

So what makes them work? One of the problems with a lot of coilover setups is that the spring can go loose under full droop. When that happens, there's nothing to extend your shock any further so you've essentially reached the end of your suspension travel. The secondary spring in the V-Maxx coilovers helps to extend the wheel further and give more useful suspension travel.

The secondary springs are 112 lb/in, which gives them enough strength to overcome the damping of the shock. On most cars, they are just barely fully compressed at rest. Other systems will use helper springs as soft as 5 lb/in, which simply isn't enough to do anything useful when you're moving down the road.

Since the spring perch is adjustable, you have full control over ride height and cornerweighting. A 1/2" shorter rear shock body gives extra compression travel for improved ride and handling, even at lower ride heights. The stock upper mounts are retained. They have a two-year warranty and are available in a TUV approved version with different spring rates.



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What does it fit?

Fits: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2004 MSM, 2005, 2005 MSM


Emissions do not apply.


2 years



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect setup

Amazing handling. I wanted something track ready, but also something I could use for my daily commute. I couldn't be happier with this setup. A great combination of a smooth and stiff ride. In my opinion, this setup has the perfect balance. To get the most out of it, make sure you get a good alignment, including corner balance. This is highly recommended.

Great setup for Autocross/ street.

Install was easy with no issues. Plenty of info and how to's found on line. Got the ride height set and drove the car hard for a few weeks then took it for a performance alignment. Two autocross events and am very pleased. with stock suspension the car under steered badly. It now corners much flatter, tends towards over steer but its 100% predictable.
This track pack works great with recommended settings for the beginner, but has plenty of adjust ability to set the car up how you like it for the more experienced driver. I dont daily drive the car but it does fine on the reasonably smooth roads here in Georgia, its very firm but not objectionable.
The only negative I found was the written instructions that shipped with my coilovers was an OLDER revision than the instructions here on the website. They should be removed from the package.


Really tightens up handling and completley compfy for street use.

Good product fair price

Very happy with ride quality car looks and feels great!. I have a 2001 that had all 4 oem struts that needed to be replaced. I was a little nervous about going with the track springs but they are surprisingly comfortable also no more ugly fender gap. FM includes everything you need minus the strut top bushings. The bushings on rhe car were still in decent shape, if the local parts store had them in stock I would have replaced them. The instructions included was nice as well, most parts ordered from others give generic directions, and a big thanks to FM to include torque specs i have ordered more expensive coilovers that come with little to no info on installation. Everything was packaged well and installation took about 3.5 hours on the ground using hand tools. Firsr time doing struts/ coilovers on a miata

Brian i.H.
Really nice package on a budget!!!

Absolutely transformed the handling of my '99. Great instructions and very well sorted right out of the box. Firm but not a harsh ride. No problem for me as a DD setup. Thanks to Keith for pointing me this direction. Looking forward to the next autoX.