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FM turbo hush kit for NB

FM turbo hush kit for NB

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Want to cut down the intake noise on your FM turbo system? This kit adds a top to your airbox and includes sound-absorbent insulation to minimize the whooshing and hissing from your intake. It won't shut it up completely, but it will muffle the sound if you want to make your car more stealthy. There is no effect on performance.

Includes an airbox lid, hardware, and CNC-cut adhesive-backed underhood thermal-acoustic lining from DEI to perfectly fit your airbox baffle and hood with no cutting required. Perfect fitment on Stage 1 and Custom Spec turbo systems sold after March 2022 but can be made to fit older air boxes with some minor trimming of the insulation.

Please note: this is only the lid for the airbox and the insulation. It does not include the baffle or a filter, as those come with the turbo kit by default. 



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