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Flyin' Miata pedal kit for NB

Flyin' Miata pedal kit for NB

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High performance driving means high performance footwork. This pedal set extends your gas pedal for easier heel-toe and has more traction than the stock rubber covers. Yes, it's been properly tested - these pedals offer 50% more grip than stock when dry and 30% more when wet. They fasten securely to your stock pedals with locking hardware for worry-free driving. You will need to drill a few holes in your clutch and brake pedals to fasten them.

Includes an extension for the gas pedal, new brake/clutch pedal covers and a dead pedal cover with the Flyin' Miata name. Okay, so maybe you don't need a high-traction dead pedal. But it's good to know that not only do they look good, they'll improve your performance!

Please note that these won't work with automatic cars.




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Emissions do not apply.


1 year


21-74000 1999-05

Customer Reviews

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Gavin F.
Great functional and aesthetic upgrade

Installed as a result of the stock rubber pads getting very slippery with wet shoes. No such problems with this pedal kit. Pretty easy install, though the welds on the OE pedals may be an issue. One of my three bolts for the brake pedal isn't as secure as I might like it to be. I do wish there was an additional cover for the gas pedal for aesthetic reasons, but functionally this kit is great.

Dan B.
Very good product - but I made them even better!

The gas pedal extension is nicely made, it is a good shape, and it comes with extended mounting bolts, so it installs quickly. However, the extension attaches to the back of the accelerator pedal, so the level of the top of the extension is lower than that of the rest of the pedal. That can mess up your heel-toe driving, if you have already been driving heel-toe. To remedy this,I added a very thick and high friction solid rubber pad to raise the level of the extension to the same level as the rest of the pedal. This made a big difference for me, and the 3M double sided tape I used to mount it is strong enough that I don't think it will ever come off. Now it works the way I think it should. Possibly F.M. could offer this as an option?

David V.
Enjoy them - Very nice addition

The pedals are very nice. The hardware is all very standard. The directions are a bit hard to follow and need some work. They seem like an afterthought in the process. Drawings and illustrations would be better than very dark black and white photos. Once you do get them installed they are super to drive with. The foot box area of the Miata is a tight little space so this takes some time to get them installed. Removing the seat helps out a great deal. I do like them very much.