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NB 2.25" Flyin' Miata midpipe and catalytic converter

NB 2.25" Flyin' Miata midpipe and catalytic converter

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A full stainless replacement for the restrictive factory midpipe and catalytic converter. The 300-cell ceramic catalytic converter has a 5 yr/50,000 mile warranty on the housing and 25,000 miles on the internals (ability to pass an emissions test), everything else is covered for life. Warranty details. Our midpipe includes a slip joint to make it easy to get the perfect fit and to cut down on your shipping costs. Works with all factory undercar bracing.

This resonated midpipe (2.25" diameter) work great for both naturally aspirated and Stage 1 turbo Miatas. Not compatible with the stock rear muffler on automatic cars. We do not recommend using this midpipe with a supercharger and aftermarket header due to sound levels.

The FM midpipe flange and the factory muffler flange use a different gasket in order to seal the exhaust system. We are aware the seal is not perfect when used with factory parts and we found the best seal can be obtained by using the factory donut gasket. This imperfect seal will not be an issue with a Flyin' Miata muffler. 

Not compatible with the 2004-05 Mazdaspeed turbo car.

As with all of our catalytic converters, this cat is emissions-certified. Specifically, it's EPA-approved for this application. Please note that these are not CARB legal and we cannot ship them to California. They're also not legal in states requiring CARB cats. That's California, Colorado, New York, and Maine for 2001+ cars.


Instructions are not currently available.


Ships free in the US.

Shipping restrictions: Cannot be shipped to California, Colorado, Maine or New York

What does it fit?


Emissions do not apply.





Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Andrew F.
Great product

Great product, and easy install. Had all the hardware required for the install, and fitment was great.

M M.
This will forever be my go to midpipe.

I love it. It loves me. The middle hanger was a bit at an odd angle but I got it to position in the end. The FM hard plastic hangers were a bit slippery due to the oil I have everywhere. But great install. No instructions which I probably mentioned because I complained about the Koni instructions so they didn't give me any for this. I deserve that I guess. I hope my FM frame rails braces come with instructions. I know there is a bomber of a instruction video. I should have video'd my build. Titled what not to do.


Really good. Sounds great. No instructions. Wasn't too hard to figure out.

Blip! Blip!

Installed this on my 1999 10AE because the car was horribly sluggish and figured that the CAT after 134k miles was shot and a larger pipe wouldn't hurt for flow. What a difference! The car sounds much better (deeper growl without being juvenile) even with the stock axle back. The throttle is much more responsive with a shift in the power band. For the installation, it's easy: follow the advice from FM and use a round factory gasket. I did this with a continuous bead of RTV red on the factory muffler flange and it seals like a champ without any leaks. This car is getting better all the time and FM just keeps proving their pedigree with parts that perform as advertised. A shout out to Nick Krause for his patience and insight...nice job!

Let your Engine breathe!

I purchased this when my factory cat began to fail. And I saw an immediate improvement in midrange torque over the stock cat and midpipe(even when it was in good working condition). It gave my exhaust a smooth resonance and deeper growl. As well as it was super easy to install.