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NB Flyin' Miata exhaust

NB Flyin' Miata exhaust

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For naturally aspirated, Stage 1 turbo, or supercharged Miatas. Full stainless construction 2.25" muffler with a polished 3" tip. Deep, mellow tone with no rasp.

1999-00 automatic cars will need our midpipe as well in order for the parts to mate up. This muffler will bolt up to a stock Mazdaspeed midpipe, but we recommend our Mazdaspeed-specific exhaust on those cars for best fit, sound and power gains.

As with all of our exhausts, it comes with a lifetime warranty.



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Customer Reviews

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Excellent (But is it Better?)

The Car: 1999 10AE with 1.8 and NB2 exhaust manifold with FM exhaust components from that point all the way to the back.

The Quality: Without question this is superb! The design details, welds, the material itself and the fitment; all of it is typical FM sorted and top notch.

The Sound: Louder than stock by about 40%; deeper tone and is definitely for the more mature or subtle but not subdued and it really gives the car a more sporty feel (yes, the car is breathing a bit easier and a more snappy response is definitely present).

In Context: There have been modifications that I've made to my NB where on first blush I've thought that I went too far in a given direction (see Tanner's recent video on how to ruin your Miata). Then over time I warm to the change and things are okay. Having had this exhaust for less than 24 hours and only put about a 100 miles on it, this is where I am at.


Because although this exhaust is not loud by any stretch it drowns out the other sounds the car was making previously. For example, anyone can put an exhaust on their car but can you tune the intake sounds? I put an air box on it that looked stock but had 70% of the sound of ITBs, pretty cool. This exhaust now drowns out that sound and has changed the audible character of the car.

Is it a great exhaust? Yes.

For my car and what I was going for? Unknown (but I am considering calling my mechanic and asking him to pull my stock exhaust off the junk pile, just in case.

This brings us to the final problem I have with FM and everyone else who sells this stuff, once you install it you own it and there's nothing you can do about it. It's like buying a $600.00 pair of shoes, trying them on and owning them whether they fit or not. It's high risk, not due to the quality of the FM offering, these guys really have this stuff dialed in, but because car parts exist within a broader context and it's really hard to know if you're going to get it right or mess things up.

Therefore, I cannot mark FM down on the quality of the exhaust, the tone or anything of that sort; it's first rate and it's for the mature among us. If this is what you're going for then this is the only choice, just know that it will potentially become a Tuba in your finely tuned Coronet section.


I wanted to stay away from anything that was raspy or included drone. Happy to report there is none of that here. A subtle burble at start up and only a mild increase in sound throughout the powerband. My 17 year old noticed a difference in pull while driving as did I. Racing Beat header, 2.25 Flyin Miata midpipe with Magnaflow cat w/polished resonator along with the Flyin Miata exhaust. Everything fit perfect.

Great, subtle sound

This is a beautifully built, fantastic-sounding exhaust. Not for those seeking to make their Miata sound like a F&F straight-pipe screamer. It gives the car just the right amount of added burble without being obnoxious. And I get these lovely little crackles when shifting between second and third under load. Fit and finish is top notch as always, and install was truly bolt-in. I do recommend getting FM's replacement poly hangers, including at least one of the larger ones, to get the positioning just right.

This is a muffler with class.

Want a great sounding exhaust but dont want to sound like a pissed off weed wacker? This is the muffler for you. It has a wonderful deep growl and sings a beautiful resonate tone when you are in the high RPMs, I get compliments constantly on how it sounds. It has enough tone to be heard but not hated by your neighbors. I'm using it in conjunction with the midpipe and highflow cat from Flyin' Miata as well and couldn't be more satisfied. When its warmed up it gives you wonderful little pops on shifts at 4-4.5k and is extremely satisfying. I've also noticed a bit more midrange torque as well. ( the tip also rings like a bell if you flick it)

Little bass boom for some character

I didn't want much: the stock exhaust note is definitely bland, and I just wanted to give it some character. This definitely did it for me. Not noisy or raspy. A growl so low you can't hear it at highway speeds for the most part. But it's a very satisfying auditory feedback zipping around town that (mostly) only you can hear :).

Had a bit of a problem aligning the riveted bolts of the stock midpipe through the aluminum press sheet coupler thing as the two holes were slightly too small. Dremelled them a little larger and all went well.

Was considering getting the midpipe in case this was not loud enough for me, but I like it just where it is. Love the little FM logo on the chrome tips-- a nice flashy flair off of my bumper.

Out of all the exhausts avail for the NB, I want to say this is probably the most "mature"-sounding of what I've looked at.