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Timing belt kit (NA8 engine)

Timing belt kit (NA8 engine)

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04-80000 1994-97


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Warranty: 5 years on belt and pulleys

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Our timing belt kit is a little more expensive because it includes the tensioner and idler pulleys. We find that almost every Miata needs new ones when doing a timing belt. It also includes the timing belt (made by Continental), cam seals, front crank seal, a valve cover gasket, thermostat neck O-ring and a CAS O-ring. Accessory belts sold separately. Don't get caught on a Saturday afternoon without parts you need!

This kit does not include a new tensioner spring, as it doesn’t need to be replaced. The tensioner spring doesn’t move back and forth during normal operation, it just pulls the tensioner pulley into the correct position during installation – it could actually be removed once the tensioner bolt has been tightened. Therefore, the spring isn’t fatigued and doesn’t need to be replaced.

This kit is for the NA8 engines.

We also have a full tool kit to help make this easier for you.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin H.
Quality and affordable timing belt kit

Not flashy, not just gets the job done. Timing belt (and accessory...but that's another review) was a bit of an unknown quantity on this engine, so with off-season work revolving around the oil system being required, made sense to purchase one. Affordable, got here quickly and easy to install.


They added stickers and everything came quick (:


Everything I needed, can't complain. No issues so far :)

Great Kit - Everything in one package.

Kit had everything I needed. Parts were all high quality. If i need to do another timing belt down the road I would buy the same kit.

FM Timing belt kit

Everything you need to replace your timing belt and free shipping with excellent customer support. Don't forget the their water pump while you're at it.