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Throttle body inlet pipe for NA8

Throttle body inlet pipe for NA8

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22-50310 1994-97


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As used on our turbo systems. A custom-formed silicone hose to mate up to the throttle body and the IAC inlet. It includes a 1.375" outlet for a bypass or blowoff valve. The aluminum pipe allows you to connect it to your intercooler outlet pipe and will not rust internally like mild steel pipes can. 2.5" inlet. Please note that this no longer has a port for an intake air temperature sensor. For a number of reasons, it's best to put that in the outlet tank of your intercooler (if you have such a sensor). 

For the 1994-94 throttle body. If you have done a 1.8 swap on your early car, you'll need to match this pipe to the throttle body you used.

Customer Reviews

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Jacob G.
Charge pipe sensor pop out

I bought the flyin miata turbo kit years ago and for the most part its great. Parts all fit and are easy to work on. This particular part though has given me trouble more than once. When I first got it the IAT sensor would just pop out from where it was sandwiched in. Flyin Miata gave me great customer support and replaced it with a new tube that had the hole drilled to a tighter tolerance and this worked for a long time. However I've now run into the same issue again and will need to find a new way to mount my IAT sensor and blow off valve because it seems it will be an on going problem if I don't. 3 stars because of great customer service but I can't really give it a good review because the IAT just won't stay in.

We very rarely had issues with the IAT bung popping out, but we did remove the IAT bung altogether to remove any concerns about leaking or popping out. Current throttle body inlet pipes (for all NAs and NBs) don't have any fittings, so there's nothing to leak or pop out. We suggest drilling and tapping the outlet tank on your intercooler for your IAT.

It does fit

Fit my 94 fine, haven't ran the car yet only routing plumbing. There's some surface imperfections that look like cuts/small gouges but the silicone appears thick enough it shouldn't leak. The iacv part of it is slightly longer than necessary, if it's relaxed the main pipe will touch the frame... NBD as it doesn't kink enough when twisted to cause a restriction

Note from FM: Our hoses are often a little longer than necessary so they can be trimmed to fit, so they have the best fitment possible for multiple situations.

Great Quality

Purchased item for my NA8. As expected from FM, awesome product. No leaks or any other issues.

Not good design

The temp sensor port has a vacuum leak on it.

Note from FM: Whoever posted this review, please contact us.