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Stage 1 Flyin Miata airflow kit for upright radiator (NA8)

Stage 1 Flyin Miata airflow kit for upright radiator (NA8)

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We've spent a lot of time testing cooling systems on our dyno, and this is one of the spinoffs.
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We started with a laser-cut aluminum shroud to maximize efficiency of the fans. It ensures that all the air gets pulled through the radiator - and we mounted the shroud far enough away from the radiator to make sure the whole core gets air. Some of the shrouds on the market are far too close to the rad, meaning that only about half of the core gets airflow. We also added some flaps that allow air to bypass the shroud at high speed without affecting the draw of the fans. The shroud is made with threaded inserts to make life easier and comes with spacers to ensure proper standoff from the core.

A pair of Spal fans were chosen not only for their flow, but their ability to pull air through a stack of heat exchangers such as an intercooler and A/C condenser. Most fans are rated for their flow at 0 pressure and their performance drops off rapidly as they have to work harder. Not these! They're also low-profile enough to clear most intercooler piping. The end result is a compact package that does an excellent job of cooling high-power Miatas. They're not slim-line fans and pull a fair bit of power - but that's because they have the torque to get the job done.

There are other fan/shroud combinations on the market, but none of them have the same dyno-proven ability to pull large amounts of air through your radiator - and A/C condenser and intercooler, if applicable. Do your homework and don't get fooled by cheap alternatives.

Our Stage 1 kit pulls 1200 CFM at 0.5 inH2O of pressure (the minimum pressure for a car with only a radiator, no condenser, intercooler, etc.), and is low-profile enough to fit almost anything.

For non-crossflow radiators only. There's a special kit for crossflow radiators.



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09-56200 1994-97

Customer Reviews

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Everything is great... Except 1 small problem

Everything is great... Except 1 small problem, the threaded inserts for the fans. Flying Miata has to either weld in some nuts, drill holes and provide lock nuts, or use something better than those inserts because the bolts provided do not screw in smoothly like they should and I wasn't able to start tightening the bolts when the insert came off the shroud. It's not a big deal but it is kind of annoying. I'm just going to drill out the inserts, use slightly longer bolts and use lock nuts on the inside with some locktight. That way the inserts will be acting as washers/spacers.

Note from FM: Thanks for the feedback, Manny. It sounds as if the threads in your inserts were damaged. We'll pass that along to the production facility.

Peter G.
Good value

A very good system, moves a lot more air over stock... only real complaint are the nuts on the shroud... they are crimped to provide a locking function, but the crimp is far too tight which makes bolting the fans very very difficult... despite careful application of oil and torque, one of the 8 nuts broke free due to the excess force necessary to tighten it. Also, please note that on my NA, the fans are wired and controlled separately... the passenger side fan is A/C condenser linked and does not come on except under extreme situations or running the A/C... no overheating issues have been seen so I happy...

Note from FM: on the NA8, the fans are both controlled by the ECU. The secondary fan is only turned on when needed - that's either when the AC is on or when the engine temps continue to rise beyond a certain threshold. Thanks for the feedback about the nuts, it sounds as if something was not right there.

Well worth the cost

Used Koyo aluminum radiator mated with the stage 1 airflow kit. Love the fans right from the beginning. They are fairly loud and when they engage the idle does drop a bit but it's nothing that a more powerful alternator cant fix. These fans move a lot of air. Just be sure to check if the fans are pulling vs pushing air. I had to de-pin a connector on AC side to flip the wires because I noticed that fan was pulling from in the engine bay while the other was pushing. I used oem connectors not the ones that came with this kit just for preference. Overall, I am happy with the quality and performance.