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NA8/NB DeatschWerks 325LPH fuel pump kit

NA8/NB DeatschWerks 325LPH fuel pump kit

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Everything you need to install a big strong fuel pump in your tank. How much fuel is 325 liters per hour? Enough to empty the tank in a 1990 Miata in 8.5 minutes. Used as part of our Big Fuel kit. Also suitable for high pressure applications such as cars running a boost-referenced fuel pressure regulator. We do recommend the use of a better fuel pressure regulator on NA models. Fits all 1.8 Miatas.

Includes install kit (sock, short hose coupler, hose clamps, etc.).

Since this kit can only be used with a standalone ECU, which is not emissions (and therefore street) legal in the US, this kit cannot be installed on a car driven on the street. It won't function properly on an otherwise emissions-legal vehicle. Standalone ECUs are illegal for all street-driven cars in the US, regardless of whether they are subjected to regular emissions tests or not. 


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Emissions do not apply.


3 years


04-47015 1994-05