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NA8/NB DeatschWerks 165LPH fuel pump kit

NA8/NB DeatschWerks 165LPH fuel pump kit

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A good stock replacement pump that will work well with the stock fuel pressure regulator. If you're installing an FM II turbo on a car that's 10-15 years old, this is a good option for you. It's good for up to approximately 300 hp at the rear wheels on gasoline.

Not for use with E85. In that case, we recommend the stronger, E-85 compatible 300 LPH pump.

Includes install kit (sock, short hose coupler, hose clamps, etc.).


Instructions are not currently available.


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Emissions do not apply.


3 years


04-47012 1994-05

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great fuel pump kit

My 2002 Miata NB SE quit on one of my weekend drives with the wife. After getting it back home with the help of AAA, and a bit of troubleshooting (and research) it was pretty obvious it was the fuel pump. I ordered this kit and had it in 3 days to So Cal. It was an easy install, I soldered the old plug wires instead of crimping but otherwise a piece of cake. I used the diag port to run the fuel pump a bit before trying to start it and then turned the key and she fired right up. It’s been about 3 weeks (5 weekend drives) and there’s been no further problems.

Another good FM product

After quick order fulfillment/shipping, I'm satisfied with the product and have always done well with DW fuel components. I didn't notice any fuel pump instructions on the FM site so I winged it. Afterwards, it occurred to me to look in the Big Fuel Kit section for fuel pump instructions. Although for the NB, I assumed you ignore the part about removing the FPR. Everything runs great with the new pump.

Excellent NA8 pump replacement

This should be your go to pump for replacing the stock, worn out Miata fuel pump. Easy to swap out, just don't drop any of those screws or bolts down into the abyss (Ace Hardware has replacements). FM says it's good for 300whp and it should not overwhelm your stop fuel pressure regulator.

NBs do require wiring a new connector to make it work. NAs are plug and play.

Functions well, but not plug and play.

Pump seems to work well, but its not plug and play.
You will need to splice the electrical connector from your existing pump on the the pigtails of this pump. Be sure your splicing connectors can handle being submerged in the gas tank.