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Throttle body inlet pipe for NA6

Throttle body inlet pipe for NA6

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22-50310 1990-93


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As used on our turbo systems. A custom-formed silicone hose to mate up to the throttle body and the IAC inlet. It includes a 1.375" outlet for a bypass or blowoff valve. The aluminum pipe allows you to connect it to your intercooler outlet pipe and will not rust internally like mild steel pipes can. Please note that this no longer has a port for an intake air temperature sensor. For a number of reasons, it's best to put that in the outlet tank of your intercooler (if you have such a sensor). 

For the 1990-93 1.6 throttle body.

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Good solution to an annoying problem

Great little piece that solves the throttle body inlet and IAC routing. Wish it didnt require that Specific TurboSmart blow off valve and used a more standard size but its a small price to pay for the convenience. Lower part is at just the right height to attach a silicone 90 and duck under the sway bar. well thought out piece.