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NA/NB Rear stainless steel brake line kit

NA/NB Rear stainless steel brake line kit

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This is the rear half of our stainless brake line set. Includes two rear lines, junction block and banjo bolts. Compatible with stock calipers only, not Wilwood calipers. Fits 1990-2005 NA and NB Miata chassis. Even if you've swapped out parts from a later car, these are the lines to use.

Please note that the included distribution block is brass for the best sealing possible. There's only one mounting hole (the stock piece has two), but it still works great. 

Customer Reviews

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Tom A.
The hoses are stainless but not the fittings

They do help with the brake feel and are much better than the rubber hoses, but the fittings corroded to hell after a year. Currently they're soaking in evaporust and will get a coat of epoxy. Rustbelt life I guess.