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NA6 FM complete oil cooler kit

NA6 FM complete oil cooler kit

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Your oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and if it overheats then it starts to lose viscosity - then Bad Things happen. Keep your oil cool with this standalone oil cooler. Cooling your oil will also help keep your overall engine operating temperature down as well.

This is oil cooling done the Flyin' Miata way. All of the components are top-quality because a failure means the potential for rapid engine damage. The lines are braided stainless steel with AN-8 fittings on the end, sized specifically for this application. An oil thermostat is used to make sure the engine comes up to temperature quickly. The brackets are laser-cut stainless steel for strength and durability.

The cooler is mounted to the steering rack. It`s high enough to be protected from road damage but will pick up airflow coming through the nose or from under the car. You can add extra ducting if you want.

Bracket design may not be exactly as shown, it varies depending on the year of your Miata. Not compatible with old FM turbo kits that have a steel compressor outlet tube crossing in front of the engine.

This kit will work fine with our oil filter relocation kit, but they should NOT be plumbed together - install them according to their respective instructions, and don't change the hose routing, and it will work fine. 



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04-37240 1990-93