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NA6 DeatschWerks 165LPH fuel pump kit

NA6 DeatschWerks 165LPH fuel pump kit

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04-47012 1990-93


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A good stock replacement pump that will work well with the stock fuel pressure regulator. If you're installing an FM II turbo on a car that's a quarter century old, this is a good option for you. It's good for up to approximately 300 hp at the rear wheels on gasoline.

Not for use with E85. In that case, we recommend the stronger, E-85 compatible 300 LPH pump.

Includes install kit (sock, O-rings, lower bracket, lube, etc.).

Customer Reviews

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Cajun M.G.
Have bought two!

Not only would I buy it again, but I have bought two, one after another! There is a slight whine heard when you turn the key, but with all the padding and sound dampening that the car comes with stock, I don't hear it. My only gripe with the new model is the model isn't etched into the body of the pump, but instead it has a plastic wrapper around it. I tore it off because I know what is in the pump and I don't want to risk plastic in the tank. Here's to another 30 years!

Pro tip: When you break that rubber o-ring that holds the pump from swaying back and forth on the pump's body (trust me, even being careful they tear easily), you can do as I did both times: radiator hose clamp and pry the end a little to allow for the width of the clamp. Also, have patience when installing the little ring that holds the sock in place. I used two picks for one pump, and for the second one I used one pick and a channel locks slightly opened, pressing with relatively even pressure on both sides. It worked better than the picks.

Would buy again.

Its not as quiet as stock. You can hear it when you turn the car on, but because race car, who really cares? It seems to work great and delivers enough fuel to my 420cc injectors just fine.