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Timing belt kit (NA6 big nose)

Timing belt kit (NA6 big nose)

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Our timing belt kit is a little more expensive because it includes the tensioner and idler pulleys. We find that almost every Miata needs new ones when doing a timing belt. It also includes the timing belt (made by Continental), cam seals, front crank seal, a valve cover gasket, thermostat neck O-ring and a CAS O-ring. Accessory belts sold separately. Don't get caught on a Saturday afternoon without parts you need!

This kit does not include a new tensioner spring, as it doesn’t need to be replaced. The tensioner spring doesn’t move back and forth during normal operation, it just pulls the tensioner pulley into the correct position during installation – it could actually be removed once the tensioner bolt has been tightened. Therefore, the spring isn’t fatigued and doesn’t need to be replaced.

This kit is for the "long nose" 1.6 engines, with an eight-slot front crank pulley and a VIN higher than 209446.

We also have a full tool kit to help make this easier for you.


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What does it fit?


Emissions do not apply.


5 years on belt and pulleys


04-80000 1991-93

Customer Reviews

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Robert i.L.
Nice kit of Parts. You probably want the Water Pump Option.

I like the Contitech belt and have installed a few of them at this point. When you are doing the belt is a good time to do the water pump as well. There are many videos that will step you through this. I put the car up on jack stands for this job, and I pull the radiator to provide more room to work in front of the engine. A lot of the job happens from the top, so you won't want the car too high. The FM special tools for the job are good, especially if you haven't done the job before. They are not essential however.

Off half a tooth

Never fit properly, the tensioner pulley and idler pulley worked well, all of the seals were good. However the contitech belt was an absolute nightmare to try and time, there was always slack between the cams that was impossible to get rid of and therefore impossible to set correct mechanical timing. After 15 hours in, I got an unopened gates belt that one of my friends had on hand and we were able to line it up in 15 MINUTES. Never buying this again

Note from FM: We really don't know what happened here, but we'd love to try to help troubleshoot it if Jackson can contact us. A belt can't really be off by half a tooth.

Robert i.L.
A very convenient kit.

This is a very complete kit. And it is convenient to have all the seals, and o-rings and the crank-key, for the following simple reason: you never know what you are going to find until you open up the front of the engine. The kit would be improved by the inclusion of one more o-ring, and that is Mazda Part Number E301-15-287 "Water Inlet Tube O-Ring". Given the age of the 1.6L engines all the O-rings have hardened. When the water-pump is being replaced, this O-ring joint is disturbed when water feed to the pump is moved to the side. So with a 25+ year old engine on a complete front end, timing belt / water pump service, that O-ring really should be replaced.

Note from FM: this O-ring is included with our water pumps.